Fields of Excellence Application

A select number or outstanding fields will be recognized throughout each year and be presented with:

  • A vivid banner carrying the Pioneer "Fields of Excellence®" designation
  • A framed certificate that can be proudly displayed
  • Potential to be chosen as a recipient of a select number of Pioneer-sponsored scholarships for use by the school
  • Press release to national and local news outlets informing them of your accomplishment

Recognize the crew that makes your field a winner

So much more goes into achieving excellence than just raw materials. A Field of Excellence happens when the efforts of a talented crew, a well-maintained surface, and the best in paint, equipment and accessories all come together - just like a great masterpiece comes from the partnership between an artist, canvas and paint. Make sure your above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty crew and your great fields get the recognition they deserve. Apply to the Pioneer Fields of Excellence® Program.

What is the Pioneer Fields of Excellence® Program?

This nationwide program recognizes hardworking individuals, schools and communities for their dedication and effort in keeping fields and sports facilities looking their best. It’s no museum, but it is a lot like a hall of fame. It’s the space we’ve created to honor great work and to foster school pride and community spirit in the process.

"It’s the space we’ve created to honor great work and to foster school pride and community spirit in the process."

Who is eligible?

Any institution or organization that regularly maintains an outdoor athletic field can apply. Take a look at your field. Is there a maintenance crew that should be recognized for the care they give it? Do you know an unsung hero on the sidelines who keeps the field in excellent shape? Does it have a unique design or any special features? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then apply today!

What are you waiting for… Apply Today!

On the application, describe in a short essay what makes your facility one of America’s "Fields of Excellence®". Include tips on keeping your facility in excellent shape. Send along digital photos of the field (all photos become property of Pioneer Athletics). It’s that simple.

Learn how to Submit a High Resolution Photo for Consideration for the Fields of Excellence® and the Pioneer Calendar. Click Here.

*Application Deadline

All entries must be submitted by December 31, 2024.