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Many lengths available for all bleacher styles

Powder Coated Seat and/or Backrest Colors:





All Non-Elevated bleachers are available with either galvanized steel or aluminum angle frames

3 Row Standard Bleachers

3 Row Standard Bleachers

STANDARD Guardrail and risers not required by most building and safety codes

  • 16” first seat height
  • 6” rise, 24” run per row
  • Top seat under 30” high
  • 2x10” aluminum seat plank
  • Single (1) 2x10” aluminum foot plank under seat rows 2 and 3

5-10 Row Standard Bleachers

5-10 Row Standard Bleachers


  • 17” first seat height
  • 8” rise, 24” run per row
  • 2x10” anodized aluminum seats
  • Chain link guardrail included (Optional vertical picket guardrail available)
  • Single (1) 2x10” aluminum foot plank under seat rows 2 and 3
  • Double (2) 2x10” aluminum foot plank under seat rows 4 and up
  • 1x6” riser plank under seat row 4 and up
  • 2x10” riser plank below top row

3-10 Row Preferred Bleachers

3-10 Row Preferred Bleachers

PREFERRED Our Preferred models include all the features of our Standard models, plus:

  • Double (2) 2x10” foot planks on all rows

3-15 Row Deluxe Bleachers

3-15 Row Deluxe Bleachers

DELUXE Our Deluxe models include all the features of our Preferred models, plus

  • Aisles with handrails
  • Riser planks on all rows

More Bleachers

Also ask us about:

A: Tip N’ Roll Bleachers

Our Tip N’ Roll bleacher is easily tipped up onto its swivel casters for movement and storage when not in use.

B: Low-Rise Bleachers

First seat under 12” high. 3 and 4 row Low Rise bleachers are also available as Tip N’ Roll or Transportable bleachers.

C: Transportable Bleachers

Each Transportable bleacher is fitted with a galvanized steel horizontal lifting brace, and extra bracing to stabilize bleacher when transported.

D: Elevated Bleachers

For events and venues where elevated bleachers provide better viewing for your spectators.

All bleachers should be anchored to resist wind loads. Please contact your local code authority for compliance with applicable codes.