Custom Goal Post Pads

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Goal Post Pads

Goal Post Pads

Experience Safety in Style.

Customize the look of your goal posts while increasing the safety of your players.

  • Polyfoam core helps protect players from injuries resulting from impact with poles
  • Pads are purchased in pairs and come in either 13" or 18" diameters
  • Two styles of pads, Velcro closure and enclosed pads are available
  • Custom lettering or logos available
  • Meet NCAA and NFSHA safety standard

Goal Post Pads

All of our goal post pads meet NCAA and NFHS safety standards. Heavy-duty, 18 oz. coated vinyl nylon covers. Available in 16 colors plus custom printed. Solid polyfoam cylinder with a center cut out to match your post. Please provide pole diameter or circumference when ordering.

Varsity Series Goal Post Pads

Goal Post Pads
Model Height O.D. Units
GPP613V 6’ 13” 1 pair
GPP713V 7’ 13” 1 pair
GPP618V 6’ 18” 1 pair
GPP718V 7’ 18” 1 pair
GPP622V 6’ 22” 1 pair

Pro Series Goal Post Pads

Goal Post Pads
Model Height O.D. Units
GPP613E 6’ 13” 1 pair
GPP713E 7’ 13” 1 pair
GPP618E 6’ 18” 1 pair
GPP718E 7’ 18” 1 pair
GPP622E 6’ 22” 1 pair

Goal Post Pad Types

Goal Post Pads


One or two color lettering, tackle twilled onto the pad. Up to 10 letters per pad. Letters and background vinyl available in 18 color options.

Goal Post Pads


Printed multi-colored letters and logos. No limit on the amount of colors able to be used with a solid color background in one of our 18 vinyl colors.

Goal Post Pads


360º of fully digitally printed graphics with as many colors as you want. The ultimate way to show off your school’s brand.

Goal Post Pads


This unique design allows you to display your team’s name or sponsor ad on all four sides of each pad. Sold in pairs.

Goal Post Pad Wraps and Caps


Make your old goal post pads look new again. Change them out for one game, or an entire season with the Wrap. A quick and economical way to upgrade your existing pads, or to promote special events. Wraps close using a vertical hook and loop enclosure. Wraps are sold individually.

Goal Post Pads


Goal Post Pad Caps are foam padded cap that sits on top of any goal post pad. Custom Diameter by 12 inches tall.

Goal Post Pads Goal Post Pads