How To Submit a Photo

High Resolution Photo Submission:

How to Submit a High Resolution Photo for Consideration for the Fields of Excellence® and the Pioneer Calendar.

How can I get into the Pioneer Athletics Calendar?

Each year Pioneer Athletics selects a few photos from our Fields of Excellence submissions to include in our calendar. In order to be considered for the calendar the photo MUST be a high resolution photo.

Acceptable file formats:

jpg, jpeg, eps, tiff, or psd (at highest resolution available)

What is a high resolution photo?

High Resolution photos are required for sharp reproduction in our calendar, otherwise the printing quality is very poor. A good rule of thumb is ALL PICTURES SHOULD BE IN FOCUS AND TAKEN ON THE HIGHEST RESOLUTION SETTING ON YOUR PHONE (OR CAMERA). Check your phone settings to make sure you are utilizing the highest quality possible. Using a tripod for the phone will help get a sharper focus as well.