P-REX™ - One Person Paint Remover and Extractor

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The Pioneer Athletics P-REX was carefully engineered to answer the specific needs of our customers. The end result? An easily maneuverable, highly efficient machine that turns synthetic turf paint removal and extraction into a fast, one-person job. We should also mention that little to no infill material is removed from the field, so machine clogging or having to redistribute infill aren’t issues you’ll have to tackle.

60” rear mounted Blitz boom sprayer
Vacuum head
All wheels have spray nozzles to remove paint
Industrial-mix brushes for agitation
Blitz Front mounted spray nozzles
Vacuum boom sprayer

The P-REX remover and extractor allows for quick and efficient removal of logos and lines, without any wear and tear on the turf. The rubber infill displacement is minimal and I was very pleased at how little infill actually gets extracted. For a facility with no floor drains like us, this is the perfect piece of equipment. I wished we had gotten one sooner.”

Thomas McAfee |

Alamodome |

San Antonio, TX

It is much faster and better than any other machine we have used and well worth it. Logos that took us hours to remove are cleaned off in minutes and the field is ready to paint shortly after that."

Chad Wilken |

Mercedes-Benz Superdome |

New Orleans, Louisiana

Take a look for yourself:


  • An innovative design that turns synthetic turf paint removal into a one person job
  • Saves precious man-hours by facilitating all three steps of the GameLine® removal process: applies remover solution, agitates, sprays with water
  • All residual liquid is instantly vacuumed by a 60” vacuum head into a 55 gal. recovery drum
  • A perfect tool for those with frequent field changeovers
  • An alternate line-remover P-REX model is also available
  • Built on a robust, zero-turn vehicle platform and features two 35-gallon rinse water holding tanks
  • GameLine® Blitz remover solution is stored in a 16 gallon tank and applied via 60” rear-mounted boom sprayer
  • 3 quick-release, 20” brush heads with electric lift clear a 60” wide path -- great for end zones and logos
  • All wheels have spray nozzles to remove paint and minimize tracking
  • Patent No.: US 9,732,487 B2

About Pioneer’s GameLine® Removable Synthetic Turf Paint

Pioneer’s GameLine® was designed as a high-gloss, removable paint to be used on infilled synthetic turf fields for one or two games and then be easily removed. It’s the only synthetic turf paint recommended by every major synthetic turf company and has been relied upon by thousands of high schools, parks, universities, bowl games, and even two Super Bowls!

How do you remove GameLine®?

  1. Liberally spray GameLine® Blitz or Blitz HT remover solution on the paint
  2. Agitate the paint and remover solution with a Blitz Remover machine
  3. Moderately spray the paint with a garden hose and watch it disappear
  4. Enjoy your clean athletic field