P-REX Mini

Available in 2023

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P-REX™ MiniP-REX™ Mini
P-REX™ MiniP-REX™ Mini
P-REX™ MiniP-REX™ Mini
P-REX™ MiniP-REX™ Mini
P-REX™ MiniP-REX™ Mini

P-REX™ Mini

  • Innovation that makes removing painted lines on synthetic turf a one-person job
  • Saves man-hours by facilitating all three steps of the GameLine® removal process: applies remover solution, agitates, rinses with water
  • Great for multi-sport fields – helps eliminate athlete confusion by removing out of season game lines!

    Built on a robust, zero-turn vehicle platform and features two (2) 35-gallon rinse water holding tanks
  • GameLine® Blitz remover solution is stored in original 5-gallon containers and applied precisely to the painted line
  • One (1) quick-release, 12” brush heads effectively agitates painted lines Rear wheels have spray nozzles to minimize tracking


  • Single 726cc Air Cooled engine
  • Can apply Blitz, agitate, and rinse simultaneously or in any combination
  • 12” cleaning path
  • Highly maneuverable, zero-turn platform that can operate forward and reverse while cleaning
  • 96” x 60” Footprint
  • All electric control systems


  • Custom, quick release brushes with a blend of natural and synthetic fibers

Water system:

  • Quick Release spray nozzles
  • Wheel rinse to all rear tires to eliminate tracking