Match Play™

Painting vs. overseeding? Match Play Turf Colorant saves time, money and water.

Consistent Turf Color

Match Play colors allow you to choose consistent colors to maintain contrast between greens, collars, tees and fairways.

Water Conservation

Match Play colorized turf requires far less water than overseeded perennial ryegrass.

No Transition Problems

Bermuda grass will green up sooner and more consistently in the spring without competition from perennial ryegrass and poa trivialis

Sustain a Stronger Strand

Overseeding over long periods of time can create a weaker strand of bermuda grass.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Eliminate direct cost of seed as well as the indirect maintenance costs of mowing, fertilizing, watering and applying herbicides and pesticides.
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Match Play

Avoid the transition period with the company that is #1 in turf paint. Match Play turf colorant is more durable, affordable, and offers a variety of natural colors.

Match Play™ Turf Colorant

Introducing an array of turf colorants made specifically for golf courses as an alternative to overseeding with perennial ryegrass. Our colors were developed through a combination of academic research and practical application, creating consistent colors that will not fade to blue.

Match Play™ Temporary

Turf dye for those who overseed with perenial rye grass Temporary green color to bridge the gap during the grass transition period Concentrate available in 1 gallon pail

Match Play Swatches