Game Day Turf Colorant

As low as $375.00
Four 1-gal. jugs per case

Perfect for Sports Fields & More!

  • Used to restore the natural green color back to turf during dormancy or stress periods
  • Great for sports fields, golf courses, and other locations with turfgrass
  • An eco-friendly, organic dye that will not harm your turf when used properly
  • Made with binders specialized for turf adhesion
  • Recommended dilution rates: Dormant grass 16-24 oz. colorant with 7-9 gallons of water; Non-dormant grass 16-24 oz. colorant per 15-20 gallons of water
  • Available in Southwest Green, Ultradwarf Plus Black, Ultradwarf Super
  • Comes with four 1-gallon jugs per case