When painting numbers on your field in preparation for game day, stencils can be a convenient way to ensure a perfect paint each time. There are several different stencils to choose from, with different pros and cons.

The Dura stencil is possible to maneuver with only one person which makes it convenient for one man operations. An aluminum stencil is more durable and easier to clean.While the EZ fold stencil is made of lightweight, corrugated plastic which makes it easy to transport paired with the folding mechanism, which makes it easy to carry. Here are your step by step instructions for painting field numbers using an airless striper, with whichever stencil you choose to go with.   

  • Step 1: Lay your stencil flat on the field. 
  • Step 2: Check league recommendations for distance between numbers and field lines and sidelines. This can vary by sport and the size of your stencil. 
  • Step 3: Before painting, adjust your stencil to ensure the bottom of your number is straight with the string line. 
  • Step 4: You are ready to paint when the stencil is square with both field lines, remove the paint gun so you can move freely around the stencil. 
  • Step 5: When painting, step into your number/stencil to avoid moving the stencil. Avoid stepping directly on any part of the stencil and paint with feet on the field.
  • Step 6: After filling the stencil, remove the stencil off to the side. Best practice recommends moving the stencil with one person at the top and one at bottom to avoid any paint dripping onto the field. 
  • Step 7: Finally, go back and fill in gaps made by stencil.