Graco® LineLazer 3400

Graco® LineLazer 3400


Meet your new rear-gun-mount specialist.

Meet your new rear-gun-mount specialist.

  • One-gun striping with 60% less vibration at the spray tip compared to other rear gun mount sprayers
  • The ability to place guns near the rear axle for applying straighter long lines and smooth curved lines
  • Can be used for parking lot applications

Updated Frame

  • Improved Tracking & Line Quality
  • Added stability with newly designed, 3-inch longer frame
  • Accepts 15-gallon hopper and EZ Bead System

Rear Mount Hose Wrap

  • Easier Stencil Jobs
  • Easy on/off functionality

Easy-To-Reach Controls

  • Fine-tune the striper without stopping
  • Operator controls are located on the handlebars

New Handlebar Design

  • Reduced Vibration
  • Less operator fatigue with greater comfort and control

Electronic Pressure Control

  • Improved Line Quality
  • Accurate, tight tolerance system

Endurance Chromex Pump

  • Reliable, Long-Life Pump
  • Industry-best pump performance — field-proven design
  • Handle the most demanding materials with long-life rod treatment
  • 4x harder than ordinary chrome

Honda GX Engine

  • Reliable, Easy-to-Start Power
  • Contractor-preferred — excellent power and proven reliability
  • Oil Alert shuts down engine to prevent damage if oil level drops too low

Easy Out Pump Filter

  • Easy Pump Maintenance & Less Clogging
  • Inside-out design means less mess with fewer tip clogs

Front Swivel Wheel

  • Easier Maneuverability
  • Ability to stripe right up to the curb
  • Makes easy work of hard-to-do curves
  • Years of dependable operation with tapered locking pin design


  • Engine: Honda GX120
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (gal): 0.66
  • Gun Activation: Manual
  • Includes: Flex Plus Gun, LineLazer RAC 5 317 Spray Tip, LineLazer RAC 5 319 Spray Tip, RAC 5 Tip Guard, 1/4 in x 50 ft BlueMax II Airless Hose, 1/4 in x 3 ft BlueMax II Airless Whip Hose, TSL, 4 oz
  • Max Flow Rate (GPM): 0.75
  • Max Sound Pressure Level (dB(A)): 91