Airless Striper Spray Tips

Airless Striper Spray Tips

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Spray tips designed specifically athletic fields

Graco Reverse-A-Clean (RAC) SwitchTips

  • Creates clean, laser-sharp lines with no fuzzy edges or thin spots
  • Can be used for striping athletic fields, parking lots, roads, warehouse floors, and crosswalks
  • Sprays heavy water-base to thin field marking and traffic paints
  • Ensures consistent paint thickness, from edge to edge, less overspray and long-lasting lines

Choosing your tip size

  • The three digits on the spray tip represent the actual tip size (fan width and orifice size)
  • The first number indicates the approximate fan size when spraying 12 inches from the surface. To get your approximate fan width, double the first number. So, a 5 would be approximately a 10" wide fan.
  • The second two numbers represent the orifice (or hole) size on the tip. The size is directly related to the amount of paint that will flow through the tip. Your actual flow rate will depend on your spraying pressure and the paint you are using (high pressure equals more flow; heavier paints equals less flow).
  • Example of tip size: On a 517 airless striping tip, the fan width is approximately 10 inches. The last two digits (17) indicate the tip has a hole size of 0.017 of an inch. 

    Tips on Tips

    • Worn Tips Cost Time and Money
    • A worn tip uses more paint
    • Produces uneven coverage and inconsistent mil build
    • Reduces production – requires more passes
    • Results in a poor quality finish