Fill field nooks and crannies with clear base paint.

Let’s be clear, our recommendations are meant to make your jobs easier and clear base paint is meant to make future paint removals easier. Whether your field is used by multiple teams year-round or once a year during playoffs, applying clear base before painting will save your crew time.

Applying clear base on synthetic turf – whether by aerosol or bulk – will seal the fiber and fill all nooks and crannies, allowing temporary lines or colors to be easily removed in the future. For fields that will be used for multiple sports or purposes, applying clear base before painting will save resources when it comes time to switch out lines or logos. For example, your endzones may be painted year round for the football season.

What if the soccer team has made it to the playoffs and are going to require the use of the larger stadium? If you neglect to apply a clear base before painting a goal line through the endzone, that stain may be visible for seasons to come because of ghosting, the effect of old paint still being visible. By utilizing clear base on sewn-in lines or densely painted areas on the field, you are ensuring that the temporary line or logo won’t be a permanent fixture on the field.

Another scenario where clear base can be utilized is on fields with high infill levels. If your field is brand new or is prone to exposed infill, clear base creates a barrier between the infill and paint. If you fail to lay clear base, no matter the infill type you have, the materials will absorb the paint, which will create a long-lasting ghosting effect.

Here are the following steps for applying a clear base before painting:

  1. Apply clear base over sewn-in lines or directly on turf or infill
  2. Allow the base to dry before painting
  3. Paint over with new lines, colors, logos, etc.

Steps for when it’s time to remove:

  1. Apply solution remover
  2. Wait anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes before checking to see if the remover has activated the paint. Times will differ depending on the season.
  3. Agitate the solution with a deck brush to check for solution activation, then scrub the entire surface with a deck brush. For larger areas, consider using a machine designed for paint removal on synthetic turf.
  4. Spray down with water, do not allow the paint to dry, this would require you to re-apply remover solution.

Clear base is offered in both aerosol and bulk applications. Aerosol is great for quick touch-ups while bulk can aid in removing large logos and endzone paint more efficiently. Click here for our aerosol clear paint option.