GameLine® Clear Aerosol

GameLine® Clear Aerosol

  • Buy 12 for $209.25 each and save 3%
  • A clear, removable aerosol synthetic turf paint
  • Used as a base coat before painting over inlaid lines and logos to prevent staining and make removal much easier
  • Ideal for short-term applications
  • Removes easily with any of our Blitz GameLine Remover Solutions
  • Can be applied from 25° - 90° F
  • Dry to touch in 5 min. at 70° F. Completely dry in 1 hour
  • Our jumbo size can contains 22% more paint per can than regular size aerosols
  • Sold by the case (12 cans)

* Keep cans warm if painting in cold weather

Technical Specifications:

  • For Use On – Infilled polypropylene & polyethelene turf systems
  • Ideal Air Temperature at Application – 25-90 F
  • Applied By – Jumbo size can aerosol striping machine, marking stick, marking pistol or by hand
  • Dry Time @ 70F – Dry to touch in 20 minues. Completely dry in 1 hour*
  • Removal – Blitz remover solutions, agitation, and clean water

*High humidity and/or cool temperatures will result in longer dry times.