Friends Pete Thibeault with Noble and Greenough Schools and Rick Perruzzi with the City of South Portland join us to discuss how they manage sports turf in their corner of the US. Nothing is black and white in sports turf but these two share how they plan out cultural best practices, season by season.

Here's what you'll hear in this week's Groundskeeper Chat:

  • Planning for cultural practices and busy sports seasons
  • How to create a sports turf management plan
  • The importance of data collection and tracking
  • The important role of communication
  • Lastly, how to empower coaches and user groups to buy in and take pride

A little bit more about our guests:

For 20 years Pete Thibeault has managed the fields and campus of Noble and Greenough Schools in Dedham, Massachusetts. Further up the coast, Rick Perruzzi has been leading the City of South Portland recreation department since it's origin. The two come equipped with decades of experience and turf tips that they're always willing to share. Both gentlemen are passionate sports turf professionals who value the ability to advocate for the industry.

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