Turf Conditioners

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Turf Soil Conditioner


Turf Soil ConditionerTurf Soil Conditioner
  • Designed to meet the challenges of wet, dry or compacted fields
  • A unique, durable granule helps create passageways that improve drainage and loosed soil for deeper root zones and safer play
  • Granule size: 5x20
  • Comes in 50 lb. bags

Ceramic Golf Granules


Ceramic Golf GranulesCeramic Golf Granules
  • Formulated for sand based sports fields, golf tees, and greens
  • Retains moisture and releases it in the rootzone
  • Perfectly sized granules for sand based environments
  • Granule size: 24x48
  • Comes in 50 lb. bags

How Turf Conditioner Works…

Incorporated into the rootzone, tiny pores in each granule absorb water and nutrients, hold it tightly, and release it slowly as the soil dries. This improves and strengthens the root growth.(Annotations for picture)

Porous granules create a loose soil structure to increase oxygen and release other gases such as carbon dioxide.
Non-compacting, non-decomposing granules improve infiltration and balance water retention/drainage
Roots spread easily in loose soil to strengthen and firmly anchor turf
The unique internal porosity of the granules manages the soil, releasing water and nutrients as needed

How to Apply Turf Conditioners

Step 1: Aerify Turf
Step 2: Spread turf conditioner
Step 3: Work granules into aerification holes with drag mat
Step 4: Water thoroughly

Usage Rates for Construction

Incorporation Depth # of Bags per 1,000 sq. ft.

3 inches 6 inches
30-50 bags 60-100 bags

Usage Rates for Aerification

Incorporation Depth # of Bags per 1,000 sq. ft.

3 inches 6 inches
5 bags 10 bags