Sport GPS

Sport GPS

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Sport GPS is a specially designed natural grass field marking paint for use in the TinyLineMarker Sport field marking robot

  • Produces crisp, long-lasting and bright lines
  • Highly concentrated field marking paint – delivered with .33 gal. concentrate that makes 1.3 gallons (5 L) of paint after water is added to the jug
  • One jug can paint a full 11v11 soccer field with the TinyLineMarker Sport
  • Sport GPS is sold with 2 jugs per box
  • Available in brilliant white, and vivid hues of red, blue, yellow, and orange

Technical Specifications:

  • For Use On – Natural Grass
  • Ideal Air Temperature at Application – 40-90° F
  • Applied by TinyLineMarker Sport using a 650033 cone tip

High humidity and/or cool temperatures will result in longer dry times.

Sport GPS (309.09 kB)