Welcome to Pioneers in the Field

Introducing our Pioneers in the Field - Class of 2021

In a year that challenged us all, we are honored to commend a group of six professionals who always adapt, persevere and rise to the occasion. Members of this class not only take pride in creating an exceptional field of play, they’re proud to be impactful members of our industry and their communities.

When the lights are low and the stands are empty, they show up for the grind. Before the cheers and commotion commence, they take their battle to the field. Through countless storms, they deliver. What may look like a patch of grass or pile of dirt to some, is tradition, community and home to our 2021 class of Pioneers.

To the professionals who have set the stage for comebacks, underdog triumphs and shocking wins: We’re thrilled to be able to share a part of your story.


Pete Thibeault

Turf Supervisor // Noble & Greenough School

Tom Nielsen

Head Groundskeeper // Lynn Family Stadium

Wallace Owen

Athletic Director // Central Lunenburg High School

Michael Saaranen

Athletic Field Operations Supervisor // Citywide Ballfields and City & County of Denver

Dan Bergstrom, CSFM

Director of Turf and Grounds // BBVA Stadium

Stephen Crockett

Director Turf & Facility Ops // Union City Tennessee