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Aerosol can disposal and recycling is simple, easy, and safe using the AeroVent® Aerosol Can Recycling Systems. These products quickly pay for themselves by reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal and adding income from recycling the processed aerosol cans as scrap metal.

AeroVent Standard is designed for the budget minded. Priced right, yet it still has the quality and safety features found only on all AeroVent products. It sets the economical standard for the disposal and recycling of aerosol cans both properly and safely.

AeroVent® 1X quickly punctures and drains single aerosol cans, reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal by allowing the can to be recycled. It is compliant in all 50 states, featuring a built-in cycle counter and the all new Safe2Vent™ filter with Viz-a-Ball™ check indicator that complies with EPA, OSHA and California regulations.

AeroVent® 3X is the big brother to the AeroVent® 1X aerosol can disposal system single can. It processes up to three cans at a time, making it the fastest manual aerosol can recycling machine available. It quickly punctures and drains multiple cans, reducing the cost of hazardous waste disposal. Plus, it is 50 state compliant.

All three AeroVent models of aerosol can deflators are quickly and easily installed onto a standard 55-gallon drum and include an activated carbon filter to capture escaping vapors. With one easy, quick, and efficient step, they simultaneously puncture and drain aerosol cans, making them the fastest manually operated aerosol can recycling systems available.