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During the warmer planting season, when temperatures soar and black mulch is the most economical bedding solution, consider Kool Grow White concentrate for mulch. The hot summer sun heats black mulch bedding, making it difficult for young plants to survive the critical early growth period. Applying Kool Grow to black plastic mulch reduces plant bed temperatures, and more importantly, saves you $50 to $70 or more per acre over the cost of white plastic mulch.


Kool Grow must be applied before beds are planted. Follow the mixing instructions printed on our easy-to-handle five gallon buckets, then spray a thin coat of Kool Grow directly on plastic mulch. Kool Grow lasts up to 5 months, allowing new plants to reach maturity and provide maximum yield, so one initial application is all you will need.


Kool Grow is a friend of the environment. It contains no lead, mercury, or other toxic substances. After five months, the paint will begin to weather, fade and wash away, leaving no harmful residue in the soil or ground water. As concerns about the environment increase, Kool Grow remains a worry-free part of your planting cycle.


If you'd like more information about Kool Grow's ability to decrease your costs and increase your profits, you can contact one of our friendly representatives. Kool Grow, a specially formulated white latex coating for use on plastic mulch, was developed to cut your costs. Kool Grow's bright white finish substantially lowers bed temperatures as much as 20 degrees so your crops stay cool and healthy. Kool Grow's non-toxic formula is easy to apply, dries in one hour or less, and cleans up easily with soap and water.

Kool Grow also offers 3160 Black concentrate coating for use over white plastic. If you have used white plastic and plan to double crop in the cooler months, Kool Grow's Black concentrate helps warm bed temperatures to increase plant growth. It is as economical and easy to mix as Kool Grow White. So remember, protection begins with Kool Grow and ends in a harvest of profits.