Goal Line Pylons

Goal Line Pylons

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Fluorescent orange, and sand-filled goal line pylons

Goal line pylons are available in Premium and Standard varieties

  • Premium Pylons
    • Comes in a set of six pylons - Four for each corner of the endzone and two for the back of the endzone to help receivers see the end line
    • Made from molded foam with a weight embedded at the bottom
    • Heaviest pylon on the market
    • Won't puncture and lose weight like sand-filled pylons
    • Always stands straight
    • High density foam softens any potential player impact
    • Fluorescent orange color matches sideline markers and chain sets

  • Standard Pylons
    • Comes in a set of four so you can mark the corners of one endzone
    • Foam filler makes any potential impact player friendly
    • Features weighted bottoms to help the pylons stand straight and to eliminate the need for post holes and anchors
    • Measures 18" tall and is a highly visible fluorescent orange