Game Day® Quick Cure

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Game Day Quick CureGame Day Quick Cure
Game Day Quick CureGame Day Quick Cure

Goodbye Rewetting!

Game Day Quick Cure

  • Specially designed to cure faster and not rewet
  • A great alternative for locations with regular high humidity or seasonal cool temps and moisture
  • The super-premium quality you expect from Pioneer’s Game Day paint
  • Utilized by professional sports teams, universities, high-profile games, as well as numerous high schools and parks departments
  • 50/50 dilution (1 part water, 1 part paint) provides best results
  • Works best in fall, winter, and spring sports seasons
  • Mixed with a high concentration of super premium pigment and optical brighteners
  • Adheres better to the tips of grass blades than the competitors’ products (better for grass health)
  • Available in standard and custom Game Day Colors

Game Day Quick Cure Colors

  •   White
  •   Yellow
  •   Pink
  •   Orange
  •   Red
  •   Blue
  •   Purple
  •   Soccer Yellow
  •   Light Blue
  •   Maroon
  •   Navy Blue
  •   Green
  •   Gray
  •   Gloss Black
  •   Midnight Blue
  •   Yellow Gold
  •   Garnet