Our Groundskeeper Chat co-hosts, Meg and Weston sat down to talk all things branding and how visibility can impact your crew, your career and your community.

The duo will be LIVE at SFMA in Daytona Beach this year interviewing guests at the Pioneer Athletics booth, until then here's what you'll hear in this #GroundskeeperChat episode: 

  • Branding 101, getting started 
  • How to utilize social media for data points and resume building 
  • How visibility combats misconceptions in our industry 
  • The importance of bringing our industry into the spotlight 
  • Lastly, the pair talk about their plans for SFMA, catch us there in January! 

A little bit more about our guest:

Weston Appelfeller is the new Market Technical Advisor with Pioneer Athletics, he joins the team with decades of experience as a groundskeeper in the sports turf industry. Meg Kruger is the Content Lead at Pioneer Athletics and passionate about branding for groundskeepers. The pair host Groundskeeper Chat, Pioneer Athletics podcast series.

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