Chad and Cathy, owners of Bulldog Field Equipment have been navigating vendor relationships with customers since the opening of their business in 2011. The duo gives us insight in how to keep customers happy during chaotic times by leading with honesty and authenticity.

Here's what you'll hear in this week's Groundskeeper Chat:

  • Chad and Cathy's turf origin story 
  • The beginning of Bulldog Field Equipment 
  • Their "turf tips" to vendor relations 
  • Lastly, we recap our experience at the Little League Softball World Series

A little bit more about our guest:

With over 45 years of combined sports turf industry experience, Chad and Cathy took their talents to build their own business in 2011 with Bulldog Field Equipment. What started as a passion to create a more reliable, durable and safe pitching rubber has evolved into a full product line of products changing the landscape of baseball and softball. Chad and Cathy live in Roanoke, Virginia and are proud members of SFMA, VSTMA and GCSAA. 

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