Paint Storage for Winter

Winter is coming with cooler temperatures and wild winds embarking on half the nation. Here are some things to keep in mind when cleaning your facility this fall in preparation for winter.

  • Paint – When it comes to paint, it’s best to store indoors in climate controlled areas throughout the winter season. If you have to store outdoors in a shed, be sure to keep away from external walls and away from doorways as much as possible. Our line of pre-mix and airless paints are designed for long-term, climate controlled storage. However, if you’re a customer that purchases our concentrate paint and you have already diluted it, storing throughout the winter may not be your best option. Plan accordingly and use it up before the end of the season. If you are unable to use it before the winter season, look into your options for disposing of the paint properly.
  • Paint Systems – The end of busy paint season is the best time to clean all your systems before storing them away for the winter. To avoid paint buildup and funk growth in your mixing systems, empty and clean them to ensure proper storage throughout the off-season. If you choose to keep your mixing system full during the winter, it’s best to store them indoors and to periodically stir the contents to keep things fresh and ready to go come spring time.

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