Adam Russell and Will Schnell with Mountain View Seeds join Drew Miller to discuss the impact of genetics when it comes to all things grass. Drew and Adam talk about their current project at Brentsville and the excitement around how IronCutter will perform on the field.

Here's what you'll hear in this week's special edition GroundskeeperChat X TigerTurfTalk episode: 

  • How the Brentsville Turf Program is creating a blueprint for high school seed to root projects with the help of MVS
  • The logistics behind breeding grass 
  • A quick rundown on IronCutter from MVP Genetics 
  • The importance of killing grass when developing new varieties 
  • Lastly, how athlete and safety playability starts at the seed

A little bit more about our guest:

Adam Russell is the Vice President of MVP Genetics, a sub-division of Mountain View Seeds and proud Georgia bulldog. Will Schnell is a consultant for Mountain View Seeds and joins the team after 30 years of managing the turf at the famous Rose Bowl Stadium.

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