SGL's technical sales engineer, Matt Williams joined Meg to discuss grow light technology. The proud Ohio buckeye has decades of turf experience that he utilizes to help develop grow light projects for his customers.

Here's what you'll hear in this Groundskeeper Chat tech talk:

  • The various use cases for grow light technology
  • How grow lights effectively combat light deficiencies
  • Effects on cool season grasses vs. warm season grasses
  • How to have investment talks backed by data
  • Lastly, where Matt sees grow light technology headed

A little bit more about our guest:

Matt Williams is a proud Ohio State University buckeye with deep Ohio roots. Matt's latest role as a technical sales engineer with SGL utilizes his decades of experience working in the turf industry. SGL is headquartered in the Netherlands and has about 50 U.S. customers with Matt being one of their first U.S. reps.

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