Spring is a great time to aerate your athletic fields. Here are a few different methods.

  • Core aeration - More effective than solid-tine aeration, because it allows for greater compaction relief and the holes it creates don't close as fast.
  • Solid-tine aeration - Can be performed regularly as well as in season because it disturbs the surface the least.
  • Deep-tine aeration - Can also be part of an overall aeration program. It goes deeper into your root zone than conventional aerifiers. Most conventional aerifiers only go to a depth of 4 inches.
  • There are also “shatter tine” units, deep drill units, and high pressure water systems that can be used as part of your overall program.
Spring aeration

Aeration does a good job of getting water, air and nutrients to the root zone. This should be planned into to your overall turf maintenance program. Aeration should be performed as often as it can be done while also letting the turfgrass properly heal in between.

Spring is also a good time to fix any low spots on your athletic field. It gives you plenty of time to grow these areas back in and have them ready for fall. Make sure the material you select is clean (not filled with rocks and other debris) as well as a quality soil.

Turf Fun Fact:

A 2500 sq. foot lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four each day.