With over 15 years of experience in managing college athletics, Scott Lupold with the University of Southern California joins us to discuss how groundskeepers can manage both heavy events schedules and maintenance programs. As Director of Sports Turf, Scott explains how the role has evolved far beyond managing grass.

Here's what you'll hear in this week's Groundskeeper Chat:

  • The great balance of battling usage and weather 
  • Why relationship management is key to the success of your program
  • How important surrounding yourself with the right crew is
  • Why you must have players, coaches and decision makers "buy into" the goals of your program 
  • Lastly, how the role of a college groundskeeper has evolved in the past 15 years

A little bit more about our guest:

Scott Lupold is the Director of Sports Turf for the University of Southern California. He took a short break from college athletics during his time managing the coliseum and the Rams but returned with his latest gig at USC. Scott has over 15 years of experience managing college athletic fields and heavy events schedules, he's well respected in the industry and advocates for the ever-evolving role of a groundskeeper.

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