Social Media

Everyone’s ideal crew member is going to look a bit different. Whether you’re searching for someone who wants to find a forever home on your crew or an intern who is looking for their launchpad.

The strategies for attracting them can be the same. Utilizing social media to find your next crew member is a strategy that can be used by a novice or expert. Here are some reasons to consider social media as your next recruiting tool and how to attract the best talent.

Building a Brand

Social media is a platform where companies and individuals tell their stories. Social media gives you and your crew a platform to showcase your culture and build your brand as a team. By utilizing one of the several platforms, you give followers or people interested in your organization a glimpse into the human side of your crew. What are the values that hold importance with your crew? Maybe building a crew that mimics a family is really important to you. Show that culture by posting about what makes your crew tight-knit. Or maybe it’s important for you to give your crew positive affirmations at the end of the day. Take those shout outs to social media and give kudos to the crew member who killed it on the field that day. Showing your true colors helps attract the right future hires. Those who apply to join your team will already have an idea of why they want to be on your crew.

Promote Education

Anyone looking for their next gig wants to be reassured that they will have opportunities to learn from the best. By promoting education and sharing ideas on your social media channels, you let future hires know they will be joining a crew they can learn from. Make a mistake on the field? Write an article about what you learned from the event. Or maybe it’s a new product that has changed the game. Post a picture of your team receiving a demo of that new product.

Job Board

It’s no surprise that the younger generation likes to pass time on their phones and social media. It’s more likely they will be scrolling through Twitter on any given day then traditional job sites like LinkedIn or Indeed. This gives you the chance to post open positions on a platform where they’re more likely to see it. An additional perk of posting crew openings on social media is that your network and followers can help you promote the opportunity. Whether they decide to share your post on their own page or they tag someone they think would be interested, you’ll be reaching more candidates through social media.


Even if your crew is not looking for someone this season, remain active. Social media is a great place to learn from others. See how other crews are branding themselves and be advocates for them when they are calling for help. In return, when you are ready to hire, you’ll have a strong network that will help you. Or maybe you’ll end up hiring someone who you’ve been networking with for years on social media.

No one likes to go into a new job blind. Social media allows you to make a positive first impression with potential candidates and ensures you’re attracting the right hires. Utilize social media next time you have an open position or you want to give people a glimpse into what makes your crew special.

To learn from one of the best, check out Stephen Lord’s Pioneers in the Field profile for tips on how he utilizes social media for mentoring and attracting talent.