Gillette Stadium's Field Superintendent Ryan Bjorn joins our Groundskeeper Chat series to talk the business of turf. Ryan shares his turf origin story with Meg and Weston and brings light to the other professionals he had the opportunity to learn from before he took the job to lead his own crew in New England.

Don't miss the opportunity to hear how Ryan and his crew manage it all and a cameo from Turf Twitter superstar, Boyd Bjorn!

  • Ryan's turf tour, working for some of the best in the industry 
  • The running schedule of a groundskeeper 
  • The importance of sharing knowledge in our industry 
  • Bringing your crew into the business side of turf 
  • Lastly, Weston's Weather Report! 

A little bit more about our guest:

Cohost Weston and guest Ryan crossed paths in Boston when working at Fenway Park! Ryan Bjorn is Maine born and raised and a UMass Alumni. He enjoys getting away from the job by visiting family in southern Maine and spending time with his wife Alexis, dog Boyd and cat Larry!  

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