If you give a facility a brand new field, chances are, they're going to ask for a full schedule of events. Leah Withrow, head groundskeeper of the Reno Aces, joins Meg to talk about how a field renovation often leads to a heavy events schedule for groundskeepers. Leah shares her experience with her all-star renovation crew and her first season managing big events at her facility in this #GroundskeeperChat, tune in to hear more!

A little bit more about our guest:

Leah Withrow is the head groundskeeper for the Reno Aces, a minor league baseball team located in Reno, Nevada. Leah is a North Dakota State turf alum and is passionate about encouraging the next generation to consider a career in turf. You can follow along with Leah's day-to-day on Twitter @leahlou2.

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