BJ Thomas joined the Women in Turf Team at the Little League Softball World Series this past summer after getting connected with SFMA President, Sun Roesslein. The pair joined us to talk about the importance of finding a community within the industry and how The Women in Turf Team has impacted their careers.

Here's what you'll hear in this week's Groundskeeper Chat:

  • BJ's Turf Origin Story 
  • Sun and BJ recapping Little League Softball World Series 
  • Networking and building a culture of community 
  • Lastly, what the two are looking forward to this upcoming year

A little bit more about our guest:

BJ Thomas is the Grounds Foreman at the University of Georgia where she oversees the Jack Turner Soccer/Softball Stadium. Sun Roesslein, CSFM is the Stadium Manager at the NAAC and current SFMA President. 

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