Logos can really make a field stand out. Whether showing school pride on Friday night, or dressing up a ball field with a club’s emblem, a few coats of color can go a long way in making any field shine. For some people stencil work is an art form while for others it may seem overwhelming. Regardless if you are a novice or an expert, having the right tools is a must.

In a past post, we showed you how to use a tracing pattern stencil. Another option is a Dura stencil – a heavy-duty stencil that allows for an entire logo to be painted with little freehand work. The open cutout of a Dura stencil helps you to see exactly how your logo will look as you are painting it. Dura stencils are made of a 60mil plastic which gives crisp, clean lines and they are the perfect choice for intricate designs.

Photo of the Dura Stencil

Here are the steps to take in order to make your Dura stencil project a great success:

Step 1: Mark horizontal and vertical centers, string them out, and mark them with a dot of paint.

  • Tip: The best time of day to work with Dura stencils is early in the morning when it is the coolest and the sunlight is the most indirect.

Step 2: Layout the Dura pieces on the ground according to the diagram and use the black tabs to snap them together.

  • Tip: You can lay the stencil out directly on the area you will be painting. If you choose to assemble it elsewhere, it is best to put it together as close to the painting location as possible. Dura stencils tend to be more labor intensive and bulky than their tracing pattern counterparts, and because of this, several people will be required to move them from one spot to another.

Photo of the Dura Stencil

Step 3: Line up and center the stencil.

Photo of the Stencil

Step 4: Paint each section of the logo with the appropriate colors.

Step 5: Once the entire logo is painted, dismantle the stencil piece by piece.

  • Tip: To avoid getting paint on other parts of your field, have a large tarp laid out close to the logo area so you can place the disassembled stencil pieces on it. After you have taken the stencil off of the field, remember to spray the pieces with a hose to clean off the excess paint.

Step 6: Go back and fill in the brace areas.

Step 7: Once braces are painted, paint a second coat of each color.

  • Tip: A second coat is suggested to blend the brace marks in with the rest of the stencil.

Storage: Dura pieces should be stored lying flat. In instances where this cannot be done, or in cases where the edges bow, lay stencil out 30 minutes to an hour (preferably in the sun) before the next painting to allow the stencil to flatten out.

Checkout Our Video to See the Dura Stencil in Action!