Check List for the Great Return

We’ve been lucky to connect with so many of you over the past several weeks while things inevitably slowed down for our industry.

We’ve missed sports, but we’ve missed you even more! As more and more regulations are lifted and facilities emerge from lock down, it’s time to start preparing for the great return.

Whether you may have players on your field next week or fall is looking like a more realistic timeline for your region, there are plenty of concerns to address when you are granted the green light to start prepping for sports again.

As sports turf managers your biggest priority is and always has been the playability and safety of your fields. Whether it’s baseball, lacrosse or football that you may be preparing for, here is our general checklist to aid in ensuring your facilities and fields are prepped for a safe return.

  1. Remediate any depressions or low spots on your fields or on facility grounds.
  2. Walk the fields and remove any debris.
  3. Conduct an irrigation audit to ensure irrigation is functioning properly.
  4. Check the vitals of drain basins to ensure they’re safe and operating correctly.
  5. Address any facility or equipment damage.
  6. Address any community contributions – graffiti, pet waste or damage.
  7. Ensure your scoreboards are working properly and repair if necessary. Additionally, make sure the boards are secure and safe.
  8. Ensure permanent bleachers are free of damage and are grounded securely. Replace any damaged or unsafe pieces as necessary.
  9. Ensure portable bleachers are secure on a solid surface. Replace or repair any damaged pieces as necessary.
  10. Address the needs of any synthetic areas, fill all low infield sports and look for any tears in turf.

For sport specific recommendations, see the lists below.


  1. Remediate any depressions or low spots in turfgrass areas and infield areas.
  2. Check the vitals of your pitching mounds and home plate areas.
  3. Repair all damaged fencing, netting, windscreens or wall pads.
  4. Repair all transitions of turf to infield areas to warning tracks.
  5. Reset and relevel home plate and pitching rubbers if needing replacement.

Football Facilities

  1. Address any depressions or low spots in common wear areas, including center field, end zones and sidelines.
  2. Check the condition of goal posts to ensure safety and security.
  3. Ensure athletic equipment is in working condition for the safety of players and turfgrass.


  1. Address any depressions or low spots to ensure safe play can resume.
  2. Check the vitals of soccer goals.
  3. Replace any damaged nets and secure to goal properly.
  4. Ensure permanent goals are fixated in the ground securely and are stable.
  5. Ensure portable goals anchors are secure in the ground.

Lacrosse/Field Hockey

  1. Check the vitals of goals.
  2. Replace any damaged nets and secure properly to goal.
  3. Ensure netting backdrop systems are in working order, secure sleeves and replace any damaged cables.
  4. Replace or repair damaged netting.

How will you be celebrating and preparing for the great return? Be sure to share your photos with us as you get back into the swing of things using the hashtag #PioneerTheGreatReturn.

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