There are great synthetic turf options for both bulk and aerosol coatings, but what’s the difference?

Bulk and aerosol

How long do you want your coating to last? What are your intentions for the new field? Will the lacrosse team exclusively be using the field or will football, soccer and marching band also want their piece of the pie?

If you want a paint that will only last a few games, allowing your field to be multi-purpose, choose a removable coating. If you’re looking for something more long-term, then a durable coating will be right for you.

  • Last week we discussed the differences between durable and removable paints, check that out here.
  • Pioneer Athletics has engineered coatings that are designed to meet your needs whether that be durability or removability, see those options here.

If you are unsure whether to choose durable or removable, choose removable. Word travels fast and while you may believe only one sport will be played on the field now, other sports may quickly find reasons playing on the synthetic turf is absolutely necessary. By using a removable solution, you’ll have the flexibility to make future decisions down the line. Next up, should you choose bulk or aerosol paint?

Bulk vs. Aerosol

There are great synthetic turf options for both bulk and aerosol coatings, but what’s the difference?

  • Bulk coatings look great and offer you many options including paints that are both removable or more durable. Another benefit of bulk is that in addition to a large pallete of standard colors, bulk coatings can also be customized. Bulk paints can be ordered as any custom color, perfect for a team that wants a more personalized logo.
  • One thing to keep in mind when choosing between bulk and aerosol is that bulk will require an investment into airless striping equipment. This may impact your budget, maintenance time, and staffing needs. *Why should you be using an airless striper with bulk coatings? Here’s why!
  • For situations where time, budget or staffing is limited, aerosol is a great solution for three reasons:
    1. Prep work for aerosol coatings is simple, shake the can and you’re ready to go.
    2. Aerosol coatings have a smaller startup cost compared to bulk because the machines are less expensive.
    3. Aerosol can be used when inclement weather is forecasted due to how quickly it dries. (Even if you are bulk user, having a few cases of aerosol on deck in the event of bad weather can save the day.) Aerosol is also a convenient way to quickly apply touch ups before game time. Lastly, custom colors are not available for aerosol.

If you’ve decided on using bulk paint to line your next field, you may be asking why should I be using an airless striper, the answer to that question and more awaits you in next week’s blog, see you then!