Columbus Crew Head Groundskeeper, Andrew Northeim, played an active role in the Crew's recent stadium build. Andrew joined us at SFMA to talk about the process and share his insight on how other SFM's can advocate for their position when ensuring that construction projects are building with best grounds cultural practices in mind.

Here are the takeaways from this week's Groundskeeper Chat:

  • What Northeim and his crew were up against when construction began in 2020
  • Why owner support is important to secure during stadium builds
  • How to advocate for yourself as a sports field manager and how to advocate for future cultural best practices
  • Setting expectations early on for you and your crew

A little bit more about our guest:

Andrew Northeim is an alumnus of The Ohio State University and now leads the Columbus Crew soccer club's grounds team. Northeim and his four man crew recently hosted a World Cup qualifying match at their new stadium are looking forward to a full roster of events coming down the pipeline.

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