Corey Levine, Athletic Fields Superintendent for the University of North Florida, is a student of the World Wide Web. Corey shares that his turf journey started by watching YouTube videos on how to stripe a field and correctly insert an aerosol can into a machine. Those early turf resources inspired him to create content of his own so that others may learn from his experiences.

Corey shares with us his tips and tricks for branding in this week's Groundskeeper Chat. Here's what you'll hear:

  • Corey's route to turf
  • How to showcase your triumphs and challenges on social
  • How to use social to positively represent the industry and your organization
  • The importance of branding and visibility in our industry
  • Lastly, how to use social resources to help justify your bottom line

A little bit more about our guest:

Corey Levine is the Athletic Fields Superintendent for the University of North Florida Ospreys. For Corey, turf was on his radar starting in his teens and today he strives to inspire other young students or athletes to consider a career in turf.

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