Meg was thrilled to welcome back one of her very first guests of our Groundskeeper Chat series back to the mic! Ryan DeMay is the owner of Field Source Ohio and expert on helping groundskeepers create budgets, negotiate their bottom line and earn themselves a seat at the table.

This episode brought OH-IO roots to Daytona Beach, here's what you'll hear in this week's Groundskeeper Chat episode:

  • DeMay's Turf Origin Story 
  • SFMA session recap: "Ballfields on a Budget" 
  • The importance of collecting data and how to utilize it to help justify your needs
  • Explaining the Why 
  • Building the Field Source Ohio Team
  • Lastly, Weston's Weather Report 

A little bit more about our guest:

Ryan DeMay is a proud The Ohio State University ATI Turf and OSU Turf Alumni. DeMay is the owner/principal of Field Source Ohio and Certified Sports Field Manager. 

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