Sylvania Parks and Recreation Video Series

The turf industry is one that requires dedication to the job and commitment to the community. Check out our newest social media series that follows the Sylvania Parks and Recreation Department crew members as they are an exemplar of how a strong grounds crew operates on a daily basis. Each reel showcases a different aspect of the turf and groundskeeping industry, from the physical preparation of their annual Memorial Day Tournament to the key aspects of what makes a good leader in this industry.

Part 1 – A Day in the Life Video:

Come along with Brian Hall and his crew as they prepare for their annual Memorial Day Soccer Tournament. Experience how the team put the final touches on their fields and facility before welcoming 200 teams and hosting 347 games in one weekend!

Part 2 – Why Parks and Rec?:

Sylvania Recreation Department crew members shared "The Why" behind Parks and Rec in our second video spotlighting their team!

Part 3 – Darian Daily Award Recipient, Brian Hall:

While we had the opportunity to shadow Brian and his crew, we also had the opportunity to sit down and ask how a leader like Brian brings success to each of their roles. Here's what they had to say.