Paint It Pink

Pink Ribbon Stencil Kit

  • The Breast Cancer Awareness Stencil and Paint Package includes the following: A 10’ X 6’ ribbon stencil (3-piece, 1/16” thick polyethylene)) and your choice of paint
  • Your purchase of this Breast Cancer Awareness stencil and paint package can make a real difference
  • Pioneer Athletics will donate a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this stencil and paint package to various breast cancer awareness and research programs throughout the country
  • U.S. orders only

Natural Turf Paint

Brite Stripe Pink

Brite Stripe®

  • The go-to premium paint for those who expect long-lasting performance and bright field markings
  • Brite Stripe is the America's top selling athletic field marking paint because it delivers an MVP performance every time
  • Intense colors that are durable, even when diluted
  • No harm to grass or its growth
  • Dilutable up to 3:1
  • A dependable choice for both practice fields and game fields
  • Applied by: Low pressure or airless striper

MAX Aerosol Pink

MAX™ Aerosol

  • Experience optically stunning whites and vivid colors in a can that's larger than the competition's
  • Our Jumbo cans contain 22% more paint per can than regular size aerosols
  • MAX uses premium pigments and a rich formula for exceptional hiding
  • 12 cans per case of Max Aerosol
  • Applied by: hand, marking pistol, marking stick or aerosol striper

Synthetic Turf Paint

GameLine Pink

GameLine® Removable

  • Highly effective, industry proven removable synthetic turf coating for infilled turf systems
  • A quality glass coating that is great for both short-term and long-term applications
  • The coating used in Super Bowls XLVII, XLVIII, & LII
  • Maximum performance under the spotlight
  • Ideal for short-term and long-term applications
  • Removes easily with any of our Blitz™ GameLine Remover Solutions
  • Ideal for infilled turf systems
  • Will not bind fibers

GameLine Aerosol Pink

GameLine® Aerosol

  • Convenient, easily removable high gloss paint with the quality and durability of a permanent paint
  • Ideal for short-term applications
  • Removes easily with Blitz or Blitz HT GameLine Remover Solution
  • Can be applied from 25° - 90° F
  • Dry to touch in 5 min. at 70° F. Completely dry in 1 hour
  • * Keep cans warm if painting in cold weather

GameLine Universal Aerosol Pink

GameLine® Universal Aerosol

  • Easily removable aerosol designed for infilled & nylon synthetic turf fields
  • Ideal for both short-term or slightly longer applications (more durable than standard GameLine® Aerosol)
  • Vibrant colors with better hiding than other synthetic turf aerosols
  • Semi-gloss finish that matches that of our bulk GameLine® removable paint
  • Removes easily with any of the Pioneer Athletics Blitz remover solutions
  • * Keep cans warm if painting in cold weather