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Photo of No Heartbleed Threat*NEW*You may be aware of the "Heartbleed" security breach that has been affecting online stores. Please be advised that the Pioneer website has been reviewed and is not subject to this problem. To learn more about Heartbleed, click here.

Photo of New Product- Blitz HTNow Available: Blitz™ HT, a second version of our GameLine synthetic turf paint remover solution that is designed to be effective during the hours when your athletic field surface temperature is at its peak. Just like our original Blitz formula, Blitz HT uses our simple 3-step removal process of apply, agitate, and rinse. More.

Photo of New and Improved ExtremeLine FormulaWe’ve reformulated ExtremeLine synthetic turf field marking paint to be 50% more durable and longer-lasting than the already resilient formula. A commitment to continually improving product performance is what motivated the Pioneer Athletics team to reformulate the high-gloss athletic field marking paint for infilled systems. More.

photo of Fields of Excellence 2013 Scholarship WinnersWe’re excited to announce the two scholarship winners for the 2013 Fields of Excellence award. Congratulations to East Sac County CSD in Wall Lake, Iowa and Trinity International University in Bannockburn, Illinois! A deserving student from each institution will receive a scholarship as a result of the field crew’s hard work and dedication to sports turf.. More.

photo of Fields of Excellence BannerWe’re pleased to announce the winners of the 2013 Fields of Excellence® awards. From a pool of over 230 applicants, Pioneer selected 83 athletic fields. Each field displayed a commitment to excellence. Two of the 83 winners will be honored with a scholarship to give to a deserving student. The scholarship recipients will be announced on Friday, February 28, 2014. More.

We utilize a unique internal communications model at Pioneer Athletics. Our methods are untested and unproven, but they work. Enjoy this brief glimpse into our world. Now introducing the new Orange PLeeFix™ Ground Marker. Read More...

In this 1920's feature, Pioneer's technical staff demonstrates just how easy it is to clean your StarLiner. Read More...

So much goes into effectively managing a great athletic surface. That's why every Pioneer product is engineered from the ground up to ensure that only the right ingredients are included. The individual components and qualities of every field marking paint, sports field striper, synthetic turf groomer, stencil and antimicrobial agent play into your results. Whether your task is to mark a field for a year or just one event, count on Pioneer to provide the right field marking paint components that make it one of your best looking and least difficult jobs yet.

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Our life's work lies in the field marking paint on your athletic field - how it looks, how it went on, how it performs and comes off. We don't do paints for houses, boats or walls. We make paint, equipment and accessories that create durable, playable, healthy and great-looking fields. Get started with the right information and let us help you choose a paint or choose a striper. Click here to learn more about Pioneer Athletics and our commitment to research, development and delivery of the industry's highest quality paints, stripers and athletic field equipment.