Women In Turf

Little League World Series 2023

Piper Richardson

Field Operations

BJ Thomas

Grounds Foreman

Tara Jordan

Parks Supervisor 

Kim Britton

Supervisor of Grounds, Fleet and Roadways

Chrissie A Segars, Ph.D.  

West Research Scientist

Logan Strong

Seasonal Sports Field Assistant

Sarah K. Martin, CSFM 

Park Supervisor, Water Resources Management

Cheryl Miller


Kat Lambert


Liz Rice


Nancy Cienfuegos

Assistant in Training

Megan Muesse

Turfgrass Science Student

Sun Roesslein

Sports Stadium Manager – North Area Athletic Complex

Nina Oldenkamp

VP of Operations

Jake Horne

Assistant Groundskeeper

Robin Wilson

Director of Grounds

Katie Mraz


Brynn South

Intern Groundskeeper

Maritza Martinez

Assistant Director of Stadium Grounds

Amy Fouty

Field Consultant

Women in Turf 2023 (Pebble Beach)

Pam Brown

Retired Class A Superintendent, current Senior Manager Lift Operations

Maureen Kahiu

PhD Student at The University of Tennessee, Turfgrass Pathology

Shelby DuBois

Equipment Manager

Molly Biggs

Turfgrass Management Student

Renee Schmaltz 


Arianna Roquemore

Equipment Technician

Dee Robideau


Jill Seymour CGCS

Golf Course Superintendent

Kelly Lynch

Northern US Regional Manager, Pure Seed

Kimberly Gard 

Territory Manager for San Diego, Palm Desert, and Arizona

Megan Muesse

Turfgrass Science Student

Shelia Finney

Senior Director of Member Programs

Alex Hills

Senior Assistant Superintendent 

Sally Jones 

General Manager/Superintendent

Meg Kruger 

Content Lead

Andi Meadows

Assistant Superintendent

Madelyn Tappan

Coastal SE Territory Manager 

Joy Negen

Assistant Superintendent

Madison Rudsinkski

Assistant Superintendent

Cori Rodriguez

Associate Marketing Program Manager, Rain Bird Golf

Kristin Hunter-Behbahani


Natalie Russell

Assistant Superintendent

Joselyn Kent

Co-Assistant Superintendent 

Morgan Creighton 

Assistant Superintendent 

Heather Schapals


Amanda Fontaine


Bri Kenny

Manager of Environmental Science

Kayla Kipp, CTEM

Equipment Manager