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Highly dilutable, one-step disinfectant.

Titan T.G.

Titan T.G.


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  • Kills harmful microbes that can cause disease on plastic surfaces
  • EPA registered, neutral pH for player safety

Dilution rates

  • Standard use: 2 ounces per gallon (approx. 4 gallons per 250 gallon water tank)
  • Extra Strong use: 8 ounces per gallon (approx. 16 gallons per 250 water tank)


  • Can be applied with low pressure sprayer using ‘wet’ nozzles - not atomizing sprayers
  • Approx. 1 gal per 250-300 sq. ft. – this will vary depending on surface
  • The entire surface area must be covered and remain wet for 10 minutes
  • Do not apply when temperatures are high
  • Be sure that all surfaces are dry prior to use

EPA Registration Number # 47371-131-892