30” HydroMist Extreme Portable 1,000 psi Pump Unit Fan

30” HydroMist Extreme Portable 1,000 psi Pump Unit Fan
  • 1-speed, fixed fan cools 12,000 cubic feet of air per minute
  • 8-nozzle units work for most applications
  • 12-nozzle units create a damp cooling mist for applications that need moisture
  • Greatly reduce risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke for athletes, workers and event attendees
  • Ideal for all outdoor events, construction, sports, concerts, etc.
  • Very low cost of operation
  • Available with standard 0.5 GPM pump or heavy duty 1.0 GPM pump (HD requires 30-amp plug)
  • Available in either orange or yellow
  • These are the driving force of a system. They run independently with or without satellites, which can be placed up to 100 feet away from a pump
  • Standard pump units can supply pressure to about 24 total nozzles, using 8-nozzle or 12-nozzle units
  • Each pump unit is able to connect 2 satellite units directly, and satellite units can also connect 2 other units to themselves
  • It is inadvisable to use more than one pump unit in a system; doing so may cause property or bodily harm
  • HD pump units can support more satellites (up to 40 total nozzles), but require dedicated 30-amp power lines
  • Inner nozzle ring(s), on the fans, have cut-off valves, so that you may use less nozzles at any given time
  • Each ring contains 4 nozzles
  • Nozzles are stainless steel with anti-drip mechanisms, which close after pressure drops too much, so that low-pressure water cannot shoot out uncontrollably (such as when shutting down a system)
  • Anti-drip mechanisms also help to prevent nozzles from sucking dust into the system, when water is drained out of the pump