GPS Robot Stripers

Main Benefits

  • No more strings and measuring by hand: Initial markings are just like re-markings
  • 100% autonomous GPS line marking robot to free up time for groundskeepers
  • 50+ field types which can be scaled and modified
  • Fast, accurate and repeatable line markings every time
  • Works day and night, even in rough weather

Which line marker should I choose?

From large universities and pro teams to your local school or parks deparment, the TinyLineMarker® robots keep sports fields ready for athletic games at all levels. Whether for fun, exercise or multi-million dollar sports events, you can rely on our line marking robots to do an excellent job, every time.

You can choose between two models of the robot: TinyLineMarker Sport and TinyLineMarker Pro. They are both of high quality and constructed for years of hassle-free operation, but they address different needs.

How does it work?

Tiny Line Marker Step 1: Transport

Step 1: Transport

Tiny Line Marker Step 2: Setup

Step 2: Setup

Tiny Line Marker Step 3: Create fields

Step 3: Create fields

Tiny Line Marker Step 4: Start marking

Step 4: Start marking

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  1. TinyLineMarker Pro
    TinyLineMarker Pro
  2. TinyLineMarker Sport
    TinyLineMarker Sport

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