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GameDay Aerosol

Game Day® Aerosol

  • Aerosol paint for natural grass athletic fields
  • Experience the newest and most vivid aerosol colors in the field marking paint industry!
  • The same super premium quality that you expect from all Game Day paints
  • Our jumbo size can contains 22% more paint per can than regular size aerosols
  • Game Day aerosol is formulated with premium pigments for exceptional coverage and hiding
  • Sold by the case (12 cans)
  • Applied by: hand, marking pistol, marking stick or aerosol striper
  • Full line of intense colors coming soon!

Game Day Aerosol Colors

  •   White
  •   Red
  •   Black
  •   Maroon
  •   Green
  •   Vegas Gold
  •   Burgundy


Game Day®


For use on Natural Turf
Ideal air temperature at application 40° – 90° F*
Recommended Airless Tip .317 or .319
Dilution ratio Up to 1:1
*High humidity & cool temperatures will result in longer dry times
  • Our top-of-the-line field marking paint at an attainable price
  • Mixed with a higher concentration of super premium pigment and optical brighteners than other natural grass marking paints
  • Eye-pleasing optic whites
  • Brand new fan-stunning standard colors
  • Custom color matches available
  • Also available as GameDay Pre-Mix and Airless
  • Dilutable up to 1:1
  • Applied by: Low pressure or Airless striper

Game Day Colors

  •   White
  •   Gloss Black
  •   Yellow
  •   Pink
  •   Orange
  •   Red
  •   Blue
  •   Purple
  •   Soccer Yellow
  •   Light Blue
  •   Maroon
  •   Navy Blue
  •   Green
  •   Gray
  •   Midnight Blue
  •   Yellow Gold
  •   Garnet

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