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  • Increases productivity
  • Provides an attractive, clean cut appearance
  • Eliminates need for chemical treatments
  • Protects fence from damage caused from mowing equipment


  • Made in the USA from recycled HDPE plastics
  • HDPE plastic is known to be durable and eco-friendly
  • Does not contain BPA, heavy metals, or allergens
  • Resistant to weather, insects, pests, and mold
  • Material is enhanced with a UV stabilizer/inhibitor
  • 8", 12", 16", 24" and 32" width panels; each panel is 5.5 feet long
  • Two panels cover standard 10’ section of fencing
  • Panels anchored around fence posts with rivets
  • Panels adapt to ground movement/shifting, but do not fracture

Site Applications

  • Athletic Fields
  • Perimeter property fencing
  • Dog Parks
  • Public and Childcare playgrounds
  • Security Fencing and Utilities
    (i.e. Water and Communication Towers)

Estimation of Materials

  • Typically, 2 pieces cover 10' sections
  • Determine number of sections on project
  • Multiply sections times 2 to determine pieces required
  • Divide that total by 12 (UnderFenceTM sold in QTY: 12)
  • Round that figure up to the next dozen
  • Plastic ribbed rivets may be used to secure UnderFenceTM (typically one rivet per piece of UnderFenceTM)
  • Standard pop rivets may also be used
UnderFence Mowstrip InstallationUnderFence Mowstrip Installation
UnderFence Mowstrip FeaturesUnderFence Mowstrip Features
UnderFence MowstripUnderFence Mowstrip

UnderFence Mowstrip Comparison ChartUnderFence Mowstrip Comparison Chart

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FenceGuard comparison


  • Increase productivity & avoid chemical treatments
  • Cost effective alternative to concrete
  • Broader coverage than alternatives allowing for easier maintenance (mowing equipment speed)
  • Less potential damage (distance from fence)


  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Customer-preferred 22” width pieces 5.5 feet long
  • Pieces overlap in fence sections between posts
  • Durable, flexible polymer with UV treatment
  • Notched for round posts (3” diameter)
  • Profile of sides slopes to meet grass edges
  • Pieces can be cut for various fencing configurations
  • Made in U.S.A. from recycled plastics

Mowstrip Considerations

  • Productivity of work crews is critical to grounds maintenance
  • Fence line maintenance/upkeep can easily exceed $1.00 per lineal foot yearly
  • Manual trimming = man-hours spent unnecessarily
  • Equipment & fuel expense
  • Potential damage to fencing (mowing too close to reduce trimming, etc.)

Site Applications

  • Athletic fields
  • Perimeter property fencing
  • Dog parks
  • Public & childcare playgrounds
  • Security fencing
  • Cost effective alternative to concrete (75-80% savings)
FenceGuard installation
FenceGuard measurement