Crewzer™ Jr.

Removes debris from synthetic turf athletic fields
  • For the quick and efficient collection of surface debris; such as leaves, paper, seeds, glass, plastic, and more
  • Features a ground-driven rotary brush that picks-up surface debris
  • A mechanical, vibrating screen separates the debris from any crumb rubber that accumulates
  • The crumb rubber is evenly redistributed onto the field
  • Debris is collected in an easily removable hopper
  • An affordable solution for cleaning artificial turf fields with incredible results

Technical Specifications:

  • Length without attachment in approx. inches – 48
  • Length with attachment in approx. inches – 91
  • Working Width in approx. inches – 48
  • Height in approx. inches – 24
  • Outside width in approx. inches – 65
  • Ground Drive – 2 wheels at 16" diameter each