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Wallpads for gyms

Create Home Team Excitement in Your Gym.

Here's an opportunity to display your school pride while improving the safety of the players by absorbing impact. Our wall pads don't need special treatment, they can cover all types of wall surfaces including tile, brick and block and can easily be installed on walls, windows, doors and auditorium stages.


  • Gymnasiums, wrestling rooms, auditoriums, activity centers, baseball fencing, stadiums, recreation rooms and multi-purpose rooms


  • 2" Polyfoam: Offers standard protection at an economical price. Available on all pads
  • 1-1/4" Ethafoam: offers superior protection and durability. Available on all pads
  • 2" Flame Retardant Polyfoam: Polyfoam with a flame retardant coating. Available on permanent pads only