Drew Miller was joined by two NCAA sports turf giants, Casey Carrick and Brandon Hardin for our third special edition #GroundskeeperChat X #TigerTurfTalk collaboration episode LIVE from the Pioneer SFMA booth.

Here's what you'll hear in this week's Groundskeeper Chat:

  • Navigating relationships with athletic directors and coaches at the college level
  • Mentoring the next generation 
  • The nature of the sports turf industry, each new day presenting a fresh new challenge 
  • The impact of social media on inspiring the next generation and creating fans 
  • Lastly, a look a sports turf budgets, salaries and negotiating for more 

A little bit more about our guest:

Casey Carrick is the Director of Athletic Grounds and Turf Management at the University of North Carolina. Brandon Hardin is the Associate Director of Athletic Grounds at Mississippi State University.

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